The primal urge to express the inexpressible began my journey of mark making. Painting the abstracted figure, symbolic of the interconnectedness among the peoples of the earth, our ancestors, and Source is a recurring theme in my art. Keeping open to creative impulses for developing new ideas with different subject matter is integral to my process. Much of my work is ambiguous inviting personal interpretation by the observer. As one patron said of my work, “Some paintings are graphic and others tell a story. Your paintings reach out and draw me in, giving me what I need. Your paintings recharge me; they’re soul batteries.”

My aim is to refine my craft and push the limits of my imagination and ability. My process includes watching a piece seemingly paint itself, flinging acrylics purposefully, experimenting with texture, adult finger painting and best of all escaping into the “zone” for the angst and joy of it all.